Coala Interior Film
Want to give a new Life to your Spaces?

Antalis presents Coala Interior Film, its brand of decorative self-adhesive products. Coala Interior Film includes a range of over 650 easy to apply finishes that offer truer-than-life textures that can cover most surfaces in record time. Coala Interior Film is ideal for home or commercial applications making them an inexpensive solution to redecorate interior spaces. These self-adhesive coverings can cover furniture, walls, kitchens and much more.

The Coala Interior Film range includes eight collections:

Wood, Solid colours, Leather, Marble, Metallic, Glitter, Natural Stone and Fabric. All of these textures are thermoformable (can be applied on uneven surfaces) up to 15% of their size. It is recommended to use the services of a professional installer, especially if the decorative films are to be applied on areas with rounded shapes or angles. Available from 5 linear metres on a width of 122 cm, more than 200 references can be ordered and delivered within 3 days from our website: antalis.xx.

Don’t change your old desks. Instead, cover them with a realistic feel leather finish decorative adhesive. Do your walls need to be repainted, but you can’t afford to close your premises? Cover them with Coala Interior Film Fabric to create a cosy, luxurious environment.

Whether for a private home or a public space, Coala Interior Film is quick to apply (can be completed in one day without interruption to your business), odourless and has no risk of leaving spots.



Coala Interior Film is easy to maintain with a moist sponge thanks to its Bubble Free glue. The range is UV and fire resistant, and complies with EuroClass standards. The solvent glue used has a powerful, permanent tack with polymerization which prevents any unsticking after 24 hours.

Order A5 samples from our website and experiment on surfaces to achieve guaranteed visual results. A Binder with the complete collection, and a Maxi Swatch with our 200 best sellers are also available for sale to enable you to showcase the range to your clients.