Frequently asked questions about how the daily order accumulation service works

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In most cases, we take into account all orders placed on the same day to the same delivery point (Merchandise Recipient).

If their cumulative value is greater than €200, the service charge does not apply.

If, during the first orders of the day, a service charge of €35 has been added to one or more orders of less than €200, this or these amounts are automatically deducted from the invoice at the end of the day to the extent that the total amount of orders for the day will have reached or exceeded €200 (for the same delivery point).

Advance payments or cash on delivery payments are the only exceptions to this rule. In both cases, we must calculate the final amount to be paid at the time of each order. We take into account the value of each order without the daily total. (The €35 service charge is then added to each order of less than €200).

When paying in advance or using cash on delivery, we ask our customers to make sure that they do not plan to place other orders on the same day and for the same delivery point (Merchandise Recipient). Otherwise, they should group their orders together into a single order to avoid being charged one or more service fees.

Partial deliveries have no effect.

We take into account the cumulative amount of orders placed on the same day for the same delivery point (Ship-to address), regardless of the actual delivery date.

If an order over €200 gives rise to one or more deliveries of less than €200 due to partial deliveries, we will not charge any service fees.

Similarly, if an order of less than €200 (daily cumulated total for the same destination) results in several deliveries, we only charge the service fee of €35 once.

In the event of multiple deliveries of an order, or a daily order set (for the same delivery point), with a cumulative value of less than 200, the service is invoiced in proportion of the value to each line.

For example:

A total order of €150 with one line of €120 and another of €30. For partial deliveries and invoicing, the €35 service charge breaks down as follows:

€28 (= 120/150 x 35) for the first line.

€7 (= 30/150 x 35) for the second line

No. This has no effect.

Each daily order amount is assessed strictly by order date. Any remaining dues-out cannot be added to orders or order lines placed or added on another day.

No. The daily order accumulation service works the same way regardless of how you place your orders with Antalis.

Our customers can place their order on www.antalis.XX (service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week). They  will find a very wide choice of print communication, office, packaging or visual communication on this site to help them  reach and exceed €200 worth of value.

Our customers have always an interest in increasing the cumulative amount of their daily orders beyond €200.

The first benefit is a direct and immediate saving of €35. It is the equivalent of a nice discount:

Example 1: An initial order of €120. An additional purchase of €80 only costs €45 (a total bill of €200 compared to €155). It's nearly 45% less!

Example 2: An initial order of €60. An additional purchase of €140 only costs €105 (a total bill of €200 compared to €95). It's nearly 25% less!

In addition to this, there are "good management" savings. In a professional environment, a €200 order is a reasonable amount profitably offset by other savings:

  • Fewer orders. This saves time and money by eliminating related activities: checking, receiving, and storing goods, processing invoices, making payments, etc.
  • A slightly larger stock reduces the risk of running out or, in any case, gives you more time.
  • Grouping orders also standardises products and reduces the number of suppliers

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