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Cocoon x Air-Ink: Sam Hadley'inin Deneyimi

27 Oca 2022 —

İllüstratör Sam Hadley'in Cocoon kağıdı ve hava kirliliğinden elde edilen yenilikçi Air-Ink kalemlerle çalışma deneyimi.

İllüstratör Sam Hadley'in Cocoon kağıdı ve hava kirliliğinden elde edilen yenilikçi Air-Ink kalemlerle çalışma deneyimi.

As part of Cocoon paper and Air-Ink collaboration, the talented artist Sam Hadley designed a unique typeface using Air-Ink on Cocoon.

Cocoon paper is a 100% recycled range and the whitest on the market. For many years, Cocoon has supported initiatives reflecting values we share of environmental impact, responsibility and innovation.

Graviky, the inventor of Air-Ink, is an MIT Media Lab experiment that helps business around the globe become carbon negative and push frontiers in sustainability. Air-Ink is the first carbon negative ink made entirely from air pollution associated with the whitest recycled paper on the market was a perfect match.

Sam Hadley is an experienced and versatile illustrator who is comfortable with the most challenging projects. From designing logos and branding, to hand-painting murals and everything in-between. We asked him to create a typeface that bring out the relationship between Air-Ink and Cocoon paper. Therefore, he developed a unique alphabet: the drawings inside the letterforms represent recycled paper sources, paper-making processes and also sources of air-pollution.

Here is the interview that shares his experience of the Cocoon x Air-Ink collaboration.



Some letters of the alphabet made by Sam Hadley


Did you know about Cocoon before your partnership with the brand?

I hadn’t heard about the brand before I was approached by Supple (the communication agency who developed the concept of this campaign) but was excited to find out more about the products.


How did you find working with Cocoon Paper and Air-Ink pens to create your art?

The paper is beautifully thick and has a smooth surface that is ideal for illustration work. The pens have a thick fibre tip that provides good coverage and I found it is also possible to trim the tip with a scalpel to make custom tip shapes.

This was helpful when I was working on fine details. The ink itself is very opaque and very black. Again, I found this great for illustration since there was no need to re-cover areas of ink (as can sometimes be the case with markers).


What was the brief from Supple for the decorative hand drawn type?


The Creative Director at Supple got in touch with me because he’d seen some of my mural work, and asked me if I’d be interested in creating an illustrated typeface using the Air-ink and Cocoon paper.


We discussed the concept and decided to create the letter forms using drawings of recycled paper sources, paper making processes and also sources of air-pollution that go into the production of the ink.


Sam Hadley designing the "K" letter

Which are your favourite letters and why?

Each letter has it’s own charm, but I love the O where the trains form the shape, and the G where the paper roll unfurls down the letter shape.


What was the most challenging on this project?

The most challenging aspect of the project was coming up with ways to show the elements being illustrated clearly enough within the constraints of the letter forms. Some are like looking through a ‘window’ into a scene where we see just enough to decode the content, while in others the objects follow the form of the letter more closely. The combination keeps it looking visually interesting. Actually drawing them was a pleasure!



sam-hadley-OG.jpg (OG)

The "O"with the trains
The "G" with the paper roll


Sam Hadley designing the "A" letter


Create your own poster using the Cocoon x Air-Ink decorative typeface made by Sam Hadley and enter the free prize draw for a chance to win:

  • Your creation screen printed using Air-Ink on Cocoon Silk 100% recycled paper
  • An Air-Ink artist pen

Head to this link 👉


Follow Sam Hadley on Instagram or visit his website. 

For more information on Graviky Labs, visit their website.